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Meet the Alien!
Alien Oren @ AO adalah persona yang dicipta oleh sofieadie bertujuan mengeksperesikan minatnya terhadap dunia webdesign.

Tertubuhnya laman ini sebagai langkah bayi buatnya bagi membantu para blogger yang berminat untuk menyegarkan laman blog mereka serta menawarkan khidmat mencipta website dari zero dengan menggunakan platform Blogger dan Wordpress.

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Latest on the blog

The new beginning

 "I used to be that person..."

Ending something is much easier than begin something. Why? 

The Year 2020 has taught me so much other than being unemployed, homeless, involved with start-up drama and dilemma. One word; HECTIC!

Last year I didn't tick anything in my life planner. No success, no achievement, no anything! Such a big loser! Then, that voice whisper again. 

"You'll never succeed!"

I not only listened to that but also believe it. I believe that I'll never succeed. I believe I was born a failure. 

Living in the late 20's really crack our belief. Especially when we never gained or achieved anything. No medal. No fame. No high salary, big car or house. Not even married! *sigh* 

"Am I this pathetic loser?" I questioned myself after took the Loser game. I ponder and wondering;

'Until when I'll live this way?'

'Unemployed, ugly, and loser since born! Urgh!'

All pessimist, discourage kind of noise started to fill up my air as I breathe in and out.


After finished binge-watching the Go Go Squid! series, I got fueled up by the jealousy of their successful real-life stories. All the doubt has change into something. Something that long gone before...

'I used to be..' has changed into 'I too can be..'

For the whole week I listened to Nameless Generation, Dig into the deeper meaning of the lyrics and believe 'I too can be...'

It's never too late to learn and begin something. 

My English never, and never will be better if I am afraid to practice. 

 My Mandarin will never be fluent if I kept it in the dark. 

I too can be!

This is the story of my new beginning and I believe that you too, can be...whatever dream you hold in your early childhood dream...


  1. Betul dan setuju..
    Kita boleh jadi apa sahaja yang kita mahu asalkan kita terus percaya dan berusaha..
    Abaikan bunyi-bunyi yang mengatakan kita seorang yang gagal..

    1. terima kasih atas sokongan kak sha :)
      terharu sangat dapat komen setelah sekian lama...

  2. semoga terus kuat dalam mengharingi kehidupan. :)


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